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Why Are Your Mold Spots Reappearing?

5/11/2020 (Permalink)

Why Are Your Mold Spots Reappearing?

Mold growth occurs when fungal spores interact with moisture and organic matter. As they begin to spread, these little beings create blackish spots, signaling you have trouble. As a business owner in Key West, FL, you certainly don't want moldy walls, so upon seeing the unsightly blemishes, reaching for a common household cleaner seems wise and efficient. While that may appear effective for a bit, it doesn't really work. The eyesores will most likely return, revealing you still have a hazard. Why? Here are three reasons your problem still exists.

1. The Water Source Wasn't Fixed
Somehow water infiltrated that room, establishing a high humidity. Microbes thrive in this environment. Your cleaning actions attempted to kill the first outer layer; however, as long as the fluid is still present, the formula for breeding still exists. Find the initial source and have it fixed, cutting off the supply chain.

2. The Contamination Wasn't Removed
The mold growth goes much deeper than surface level. Fungus penetrates into porous objects, seeping into walls, ceilings, and flooring. As the organisms multiply behind the shower tiles or walls, they only become visible over time. At that point, the situation is more severe. When this occurs, bleach and other products don't get to the root of the infestation. For that, you'll need to work with a mold remediation company. The experts can test the building, determining the level of exposure. Then you'll need to remove much of the infected materials.

3. The Microbe Count Is Too High
With the water damage fixed and heavily ruined materials torn out, the structure and your assets still need attention. Spores will always be in the establishment, but you want to minimize the exposure. At this point, the count is elevated from the spread. Thus, have content cleaning specialists sanitize your nonporous items and have the experts use air scrubbers to purify the air and vents.
Your mold growth reappears because it never went away. It was only diminished for a bit. Get to the root of the issue, then discard tainted substances.